Our exciting new line of sipping wines, to be savored on their own or as an after dinner wine, will turn your festive moments into a definitively memorable tasting experience. These elegant and opulent wines are our jewels of superior quality and prestige.


Porto is one of the worlds great classic wines and no wine cellar is complete without it. Like all classic wines, Porto is the result of a unique combination of climate, soil, knowledge, winemaking technology and dedication. Advintage Distribution has selected the best raw materials and winemaking techniques to reproduce the classic atmosphere of the gold river where Porto originates. Serve Red Porto style wines at room temperature. White Porto style wines are best when slightly chilled. To enjoy its complex and rich bouquet at best, it is recommended that you serve the Porto style wine the same day the cork is pulled.



Made from selected Malvasia blends. Clear gold color with an intense fruit and floral fragrance. Sweet, with a superb balance of ripe fruit extract and crisp acidity. A full well balanced wine with long lasting finish ideal as an aperitif. Best served chilled. Enjoy over ice in a large glass, topped up with tonic water and a leaf of fresh mint and you have that perfect drink for hot summer evenings.


Intense ruby red color with a seductive aroma of ripe plums and black fruits on a delicate dark chocolate background. Ripe cherry and fruit flavors are complemented by substantial tannins and delicate oaky sweet tobacco notes. A complex, deep and full bodied wine with good structure and lengthy finish. It has an assertive Porto character that makes a medium sweet, pleasant wine to complete your dinner. It is also excellent served with Parma Ham or with a very rear Alberta steak. The meat proteins help smooth the wine tannins and make this combination an excellent one.


Sherry is a powerful wine originating from Spain with a rich taste, high in alcohol. An unusual winemaking process involving exposure to air makes Sherry a wine distinctively different than any other traditional table wines. Sherry style wines can be served at room temperature or slightly chilled, preferable serving temperature around 14 - 15°C.



Clear bright amber in color, it breathes a delicious scent of mixed nuts, almonds, raisins, with crisp ripe apples that lend complexity, and intriguing notes of maple syrup. Quite sweet, warming and appealing, it provides a taste of comfort. Pecans and nutlike flavors consistent to the senses. The taste is persistent, long and smooth. White sherry is warm with a lemony acidity. A medium to full body wine, delicious after dinner or with your favorite consommé or french onion soup.


Clear red matte color showing vigor and strength against the light. Persistent red fruit and raisin aromas complemented by nut-like, herbal, dried figs and dates scents. Intensely sweet with appealing raisin and stone-fruit flavors in a rich, full-bodied texture, with crisp fresh-fruit acidity. This unique and delicious Sherry style wine is an enjoyable dessert wine. It can also be savored by itself as an after dinner drink. Excellent with dark not-too-sweet chocolate for an unusual interesting combination.


The accidental discovery of Ice wine dates back to the last part of 1700 in Germany. Due to a cool summer and unexceptionally cold winter, wine producers created Ice wine by pressing juice from frozen grapes. The result was quite impressive. The first Canadian Ice wine was produced in the 1970s. A combination of pioneer spirit, high quality, strict selection of the grapes and human skills has now ensured Canada Ice wine a place on the world wine scene. Advintage Distribution Ice wine styles are elegant, opulent and intense wines made with the same dedication and passion to celebrate the old winemaking tradition. Ice wine styles are great young. They should be served at a temperature around 12°C.



Made from the finest Riesling blends this is a brilliant bright-gold wine with greenish hues. Remarkable subtle apricot and peach aromas open up to ripe fruits, grapefruit and lemon marmalade. The flavors are an explosion of pineapple and honey. Sweet and medium bodied, unctuous in texture and rich, its gentle acidity builds structure in a long finish. Serve chilled at 8-10ºC. Unique when consumed only as a sipping wine, it is also great with foie gras or blue veined cheeses.


Obtained from Petite Syrah, this fine dessert wine has a luscious blush color with consistent coral nuances resulting from leaving the juice in touch with the skins. It has alcohol notes and intense aromas of candied tropical fruits and honey; complemented by orange peel, pepper notes and the taste of blackcurrant. It has a rounded aroma of roses, sweet taste with soft tannins and a lengthy finish. A medium bodied wine, ideal served chilled on its own, it also goes well with fresh fruits and cheeses.


This luscious sweet wine made of Cabernet Franc shows an appealing medium intense ruby red colour. Deep and alluring raspberry aromas, accented with refined notes of strawberry, it gains intensity while swirling. To the taste, an explosion of power and elegance evokes the nose. Luscious ripe red fruits and rhubarb complemented by a touch of delicate spice to its lengthy finish. Full bodied and syrup like texture with a gentle sharp citrus taste that adds structure. Serve slightly chilled (10°C) with fresh fruits, chocolate mousse or caramelized desserts like crème brulée. Perfect savoured on its own.


Pinot Noir is one of the oldest grape varieties to be cultivated for winemaking. Ancient Romans were making wine with this grape as early as the first century A.D. Recognized worldwide as a great wine grape, Pinot Noir is versatile enough to produce superb dessert wines. Thanks to Advintage Distribution skills and winemaking techniques Pinot Noir enthusiasts have now the opportunity to enjoy their favorite wine in a completely different way.Pinot Noir Late Harvest Dessert Wine should be served well chilled.



An intriguing medium ruby red dessert wine with burgundy shades. Intense and aromatic scents of red fruits jam, strawberry and the aroma of rose with very delicate spicy tones of cinnamon and cloves. Rich berry flavors on the palate. Medium bodied, smooth and warm to the taste with a good acidity and a long persistence. Bold tannins and complexity give this wine an incredible life. A wonderful sweet wine for after dinner. Serve chilled with fresh fruits, blue cheese, smoked fish or caviar. It also pairs well with biscuits and pastries.