Celebration Del Mondo


Our 6 week product contains specially blended juice and grape juice concentrates that result in wines that are distinctive to the specific varietal and/or blend that it represents.

Celebration del Mondo has a wide variety to choose from, representing a cross section of famous world-class wines. Celebrate the winemaking experience!

Red Wines

  • Australia
  • California
  • Chile
  • European
  • Italian
  • New Zealand
  • South African

Australian Shiraz

Australias crème de la crème. Shiraz offers a full-bodied and intense wine that is elegant and fascinating. With its deep red color you will discover hints of prune and cherry aromas. This wine will benefit from moderate aging.

Californian Cabernet Shiraz

The combination of the Shiraz and Cabernet varietals is an excellent marriage. While Shiraz gives body and heavy mouth-feel, Cabernet Sauvignon adds perfect acidity and fruit flavor. The result of this combination is a deep red wine with intense aromas and peppery taste.

Californian Cabernet Sauvignon

This noble grape varietal is grown in many countries worldwide and has gained considerable recognition in California. It produces a deep red, tannic wine with herbaceous and earthy aromas. It will develop a more complex bouquet with aging.

California Red Zinfandel

Zinfandel hails from Puglia region in south eastern Italy but has in recent years become a famous wine in California. It is a most flavorful, full-bodied, deep red wine with savory spice, port and earth notes. Subtly oaked, it can be enjoyed either young or aged. Perfect with veal dishes or spicy Asian foods.

Chilean Carmenere

The name Carmenere may come from Carmine. To the nose it gives intense herbaceous perfumes, which expand to black currant sweet, liquorices, rhubarb and eucalyptus. Smooth and very full-bodied on the palate, it is warm and tannic, with a long persistence. To be enjoyed with stuffed game, grilled red meat and lamb.

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon

Made from the robust Cabernet Sauvignon grape, this wine results in a purple/red color with hints of black currant, raspberry and vanilla. Rich and full with intense flavors, the finish being smooth, soft & round. Best served with seasoned lamb or beef, grilled vegetables and spicy cheeses.

Chilean Cabernet Merlot

Balanced in acidity and tannins, it creates a rich and wellbalanced wine, which is age worthy. Perfect to serve with any grilled meats or just as a great sipping wine.

Chilean Merlot

Dark garnet color. Spicy and ripe black currant aromas are followed by appealing chocolate and oaky vanilla notes. Full, juicy black-fruit flavors on the palate with a good acidity, leading towards a medium finish. Well balanced and fruity, in the mouth it is rounded and dry with soft tannins. Delicious to accompany a variety of red meats, it also pairs well with a simple roasted chicken.

European VVDCR

This famous Burgundy style wine is produced from prized blend of varietals, including Petite Syrah. A rich aroma with flavors of ripe plums and field berries. This smooth, tannic and dry wine is deep cherry red in color. Its character develops with aging.

European Marjolais

Created in order to celebrate the French tradition of Vin nouveau (New Wine), this wine is best enjoyed young. Fruity light in acidity, this violet red wine proves to be the perfect red wine for any occasion.

European Verteux Rouge

This medium-bodied wine offers a bouquet, and flavors of the ripe raspberries and black cherries. Dry with light tannins, deep red color with glints of mahogany, best aged several months. Perfect for all occasions.

Italian Amarone

This impressive wine is produced from three Valpolicella varieties such as Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. Only the best of grapes with an optimal ripeness are chosen for these vintage wines. Becoming one of North Americas more popular wines, Amarone is still a well-kept secret. Several months aging is recommended.

Italian Dolcetto

Grown in the Piedmont region of Italy, this varietal produces soft, mellow, ruby red wine. Fruity with subtle tannins with an abundance of aromas meant to be consumed young. Serve with meat, pizza, Portobello mushrooms, or mild cheeses.

Italian Barolo

The Emperor of the Piedmont reds, Barolo is a rich and tannic wine derived from the Nebbiolo grape. It features an extraordinary range of flavours including mixed ripe fruit, field berries and fine herbs. A hearty portion of oak makes this wine perfect for aging. Pairs well with meats and tomato pasta dishes.

Italian Chianti Style

The pride of Italy, Chianti earns its character from a prized blend of varietal grapes. Its heavy and lively character is well balanced with earth and fruit tones, the colour being a brilliant clear red. There is no doubt that this classic is best served with pasta. Moderate aging is recommended.

Italian Montepulciano

From the famous Montepulciano dAbruzzo region, this ruby red grape offers a smooth yet complex wine. Its mild fruit flavor has distinctive plum notes, complemented by oak and earth tones. Spicy when young, it develops a more rounded character with the age.

Italian Merlot

A dark, rich, Italian grape varietal producing a dry, smooth, wine with excellent character. Its has a rich flavour and aroma, earthly tones with plum and fruit flavors. Excellent young, its character develops quickly with in a month of aging.

Italian Negro Amaro

This wine is the Salentos symbol of the coexistence of color, force and poetry, elegance with unique scents. Consistent and ruby red in color. To the nose, the adventure starts with ripe plums and black cherries and ends with tobacco, cacao, balsamic hints and sweet spices. A full-body, wide structure, elegant and persistent tannins. Unforgettable with red meat such as filet mignon with mushrooms.

Italian Nebbiolo

This grape is the root of famous Italian wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco. It is the most important varietal of the Piedmont and Valle dAosta regions. Nebbiolo provides a powerful dry and robust wine with an intense aroma. This wine makes an excellent accompaniment for any dinner party.

Italian Novello Rosso

Made primarily with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese. Ruby red in color with concentration of fresh fruity sensations and predominant blackberry hint makes it a sure success. Highly recommended with delicate food such as poultry or vegetarian dishes for your patio dinners

New Zealand Pinot Noir

Originating in Europe this varietal is now grown throughout the world. Classic, fruity, floral and full-bodied, the addition of oak gives a happy union of grape earthiness. Aging is recommended.

South African Red Chanel

A blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc produces a deep ruby red wine, very consistent. Enjoy the persuasive scent, unforgettable ripe red fruit essences with the predominant cherry, then mint and chocolate on a boisé field. The taste is opulent, rich full-bodied. Great with any red meat but its best performance is with a tender New York sirloin steak.

South African Pinotage

Pinotage is an ideal marriage between Pinot and Cinsault, resistant and extremely consistent. The result is a rustic, ruby red, dry and full-bodied wine with depth and bursting with flavor. It possesses complex fruit flavors of wild berries and a slight spiciness with a delicious almond ending. Perfect with roasted or BBQ red meat, strong cheese and nuts.

White Wine

  • Australia
  • California
  • European
  • Italian
  • South Africa

Australian Chardonnay

Australian Chardonnays are lighter and fresher then those from California. They offer good acidity and will give off lemon, melon and pineapple aromas. It is well paired with any meal; try out with seafood, salads or any fresh white fishes. Australian Chardonnay can become more complex if aged well.

Australian Semillon

A bright pale yellow dress introduces this wine. Deep and delightful the smell, fresh and fragrant, with wide graceful floral tones, mimosa firstly, together with crispy citrus nuances. In the mouth it is intense and smooth, dry and sapid, shading in the pleasant sensations already enjoyed to the nose. Its lovely personality allows also usual combinations from the steam world like salmon, ham and Italian speck.

California Fumé Blanc

A dry, medium-bodied wine produced with Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Typically its a crisp, tart wine with grassy flavors and aromas that reminds you of melons, apples and pears. In California, wineries will often label their Sauvignon Blanc as Fumé Blanc when they age it in oak, rounding out the flavors and lending to it a slight smokiness. This wine is normally best served as either an aperitif or with a light appetizer, although some do prefer it as a dinner wine.

Californian Sauvignon Blanc

This white dry wine, produced from the Chardonnay grape enchants itself with delicate floral notes and perfumes of fruits and almonds. Our Chalizette will offer a fresh and austere wine, with a slightly light straw color. To be drunk young to capture its freshness and vividness. Great for lighter meals and sipping.

European Chalizette

This white dry wine, produced from the Chardonnay grape enchants itself with delicate floral notes and perfumes of fruits and almonds. Our Chalizette will offer a fresh and austere wine, with a slightly light straw color. To be drunk young to capture its freshness and vividness. Great for lighter meals and sipping.

German Piesporter

Piesporter is usually considered a semi-dry wine. While tasting your Piesporter you will discover ripe peach, citrus and fruity floral notes. Piesporter is a noble wine that is understated, this is a must try! Best paired with seafood and white cream sauces. This wine is best when to drunk young.

German Gewurztraminer

Originating in Germany, Gewurztraminer is a white wine with medium acidity and high aromaticness. This grape has spicy and musky aromas. It is a wine that is well structured and elegant in flavor, its a wine we must all taste! Excellent young, but this charmer could always use a few months of aging.

German Traminer Riesling

A perfect marriage between the Traminer fragrances and Riesling which emits mineral nuances with an herbal freshness. Elegant and exuberant to the nose, softly spiced and honey sweetness, you can enjoy the long aromatic persistence along with the pleasure of its full-body and the persuasive silkiness. It goes just right with pasta or rice, fried mushrooms, shellfish and spicy seafood.

German Traminer

Worldwide popular for its aromatic qualities. Golden yellow color-very consistent and bright. The perfumes are based on sweet hints of ripe white fruits, hawthorn flowers, with acacia honey nuances. Warm and smooth in the mouth, extremely elegant with a surprising body, leaving velvet persistence. Try with more uncommon combinations of with strong cheeses like Roquefort or Italian Gorgonzola.


This German wine is the most exported and popular in the world. Liebfraumilch means Virgin Mary milk. This wine has a fresh floral aroma a sweet grape taste, for those who prefer wine that is not too dry, tannic or acidic. Easy to drink perfect for everyday dinners.

Italian Orvieto Style

(Trebbiano, Grechetto, Verdello grapes). The color is a pale yellow with faint glints of green. To the nose it is simple to recognize: a sweet ripe peach scent with citrus fragrances and fresh mint. The initial taste is smooth and warm with a good structure; the end reminiscences the peach and aromatic memories. Delightful with both fish and pies.

Italian Chardonnay

Like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay has seen success throughout the world. The main reason is the grapes adaptability to various climates. This wine has aromas of apple, lemon, nuts, and vanilla, making this a superb drinking wine. It will be fresh and austere and ready to drink young, but this nectar is also age worthy.

European Lor Blanc

Lor Blanc is a dry white wine produced from the Chardonnay grape. It is light gold in color with green reflects. This very aromatic wine will please many plates. A simple wine, but truly divine for sipping. This age worthy wine is best served with few months of aging. Lor Blanc is excellent every day wine that you and your friends will enjoy!


Originating from Germany, this varietal which is now grown in various parts of the world and is making a name for itself in South Africa, produces excellent fruity wine that enchants with floral aromas of peach and apricot. The age worthy wine is well balanced and will produce a nectar for the most discerning connoisseur. Riesling is best paired with white sauces and shellfish; best aged well.

Italian Verdicchio

Verdicchio is a dry wine originating in the central Italian region of Marche. This is a popular wine in North America and it is light and refreshing with a subtle bouquet. We suggest that this wine is not just for drinking in your favorite Italian restaurant but it is a great everyday wine that deserves to be in your cellar, perfect for every meal! Verdicchio is a wine to be drunk young .


  • California
  • Italian

Californian Zinfandel Blush

This pale rosé wine demonstrates the subtle complexities of the Zinfandel grape. The pale pink color is achieved by letting the white juice from the grape sit for a short time on the red skins. It features a delicious fruit flavor, enhanced by its floral bouquet. An excellent wine for all occasions. Best enjoyed young.

Italian Pinot Grigio

Another Italian Classic! Our rendition of this famous wine produces a light salmon colored wine resulting from the pigments in the skin of this grape. It is a smooth wellbalanced and distinctive wine. Mango and tropical fruit perfumes support the nose on this Pinot Grigio. Like most Italian wines this wine pairs well with many dishes, but is best with light pasta dishes. Best consumed young.

Italian Schiave Rosé

From the limited production of Schiava grapes, this wine has a typical bright peach blush color. Elegant to the nose with charming combination of wild berries, strawberries and red roses. Medium-body, good equilibrium, smooth and fresh it leaves a pleasant fruit remembrance at the end. With its female loveliness, it is just right as an aperitif with starters or white meal.