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Introducing Mosti Mondiale's "secret" ingredient, fresh varietal grape juice, allows winemakers to introduce themselves to several features that only fresh grape juice can provide. These blended winemaking kits have the added bonus of being ready to serve from as little as 1 month. Salute!

Image of Renaissance kit


Mosti Mondiale’s 16L Renaissance is a premium blend of both fresh grape must and concentrate. Home winemakers are provided with a vaste selection of wines that have been sourced from specific regions of North America, South America, and Europe. Explore the rebirth of home winemaking as Renaissance takes winemakers on an unforgettable journey that visits both Old World and New World wines.

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Image of Summer Breeze kit

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze 7Kg (yields 23L of Fruit Wine) The name is evocative. On a warm summer day, a chilled glass of fruit wine is as refreshing as a "Summer Breeze". (Ready to bottle in just 4 weeks)

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Image of Vinifera Noble kit

Vinifera Noble

Mosti Mondiale’s 10L Vinifera Noble presents a perfect blend between both fresh grape must and concentrate at a price point that makes all home winemakers excited! Vinifera Noble will yield wines that can be consumed young. Choose from over 25 varieties that provide you with an unparalleled body, bouquet, and color.

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Grape Must

We, at Mosti Mondiale, have always been proud to provide experienced home winemakers with 100% pure varietal grape must products! Our exclusive grape must products are sourced from all over the world so that you can make the best wine possible. These grape must products can be ready to serve in as little as 6 months. Salute!

Image of Alljuice Master's Edition kit

Alljuice Master's Edition

Mosti Mondiale’s 23L Master’s Edition AllJuice is premium 100% pasteurized grape must sourced from specific vineyards in order to ensure availability year round. All musts are carefully selected and paired with only the finest resources to ensure complete satisfaction. Your winemaking skills will serve as your "special ingredient" when you introduce a new private collection of wines to your personal cellar.

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Image of The Original Alljuice kit

The Original Alljuice

Mosti Mondiale’s 23L Original AllJuice is a true 100% pasteurized fresh grape must product. Experienced winemakers looking to compliment their skills and patience will become instantly rewarded with the introduction of fresh grape must. With over 25 varieties sourced from all over the world, the Original AllJuice will instantly become apart of your cellar.

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Image of Meglioli kit


When you're looking for a real limited edition; look for the brand to hold 100% pure grape must, look for the brand to provide you with the ability to add real grapes, look for the brand to provide you with a taste of the world. Simply put, look for the Mosti Mondiale's 23L Meglioli Limited Edition.

This year's 23L Meglioli Limited Edition provides winemakers with 1 new incredible option, fresh grapes! With the purchase of any red Meglioli Limited Edition, winemakers have the choice to add Mosti Mondiale's all-new ALLGRAPE®.

The ALLGRAPE® pack consists of freshly picked grapes from California. These carefully selected grapes are introduced at the early stages of your winemaking experience in order to guarantee a finished wine like never before! Conveniently packaged within a clear sealed bag to guarantee freshness, the ALLGRAPE® pack truly has nothing to hide! Explore the contents of your ALLGRAPE® pack to discover the true nature of winemaking as you’ll instantly notice both grape stems and skins. After all, a grape pack without the actual stems and skins is simply jam!

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Image of La Bodega kit

La Bodega

This port style kit will impress the most discerning drinker. It is bursting with flavor, flavor that only our varietal fresh grape juice can continuously deliver. One taste of La Bodega and it reveals its multi-dimensional complexity, ripe black cherries with hints of chocolate and dark roasted coffee. La Bodega's flavor is matched with dark toasted French oak in order to heighten your experience.

Our research and development team have completely outdone themselves. It is our pleasure to tell you personally that they've spared no expense and each ingredient used has been laboriously selected to ensure that La Bodega surpasses all expectations.

La Bodega port kit will enhance any dessert table that is shared with friends, family, and of course, your better half!

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Fresh Juice

Since 1989, we’ve been proud to supply the home winemaking community with fresh grape juice products. Our priority has always been the results of all winemakers who use our premium fresh grape juices. This priority is highlighted by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, a guarantee that separates us from everyone else. As an added bonus, making wines with Mosti Mondiale’s fresh grape juice has never been so easy! Our Fresh Grape Juice products can be served in as little as 12 months. Salute!

Image of Chile Fresco kit

Chile Fresco

Mosti Mondiale’s Chile Fresco is available every April and provides home winemakers with premium fresh refrigerated grape juice from Chile. Winemakers seeking to taste the unique flavors and attributes of Chile need to look no further. With 6 varieties available, Chile’s exclusive winemaking offerings are proudly displayed within Mosti Mondiale’s Fresco brand, a brand that has been trusted by winemakers for over 20 years.

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Image of Mondiale Fresco kit

Mondiale Fresco

Mosti Mondiale’s flagship refrigerated fresh grape juice product, Mondiale Fresco, has served the home winemaking community since 1989. Sourced from both Italy and California, Mondiale Fresco marks the beginning of a new winemaking season based on traditional practices that have crafted wines of significant character. With over 30 fresh varieties to choose from, Mondiale Fresco is proud to be the only product to offer home winemakers their own vineyard in one unique package.

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Image of Sonoma Edition kit

Sonoma Edition

Mosti Mondiale’s Sonoma Edition is a unique product that provides home winemakers with both fresh refrigerated grape juice along with frozen grape skins. Sourced from both Yakima Valley, Washington and Sonoma, California, this perfect union takes each winemaker to the heart of wine country to experience winemaking like never before. The fresh grape juice presents pleasing tasting notes that will not disappoint while the introduction of frozen grape skins guarantees for a full bodied wine experience.

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