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Saint Valentine's Day Sale

  • 10% off and we pay the taxes. Ends February 14th, 2016
  • Large variety of juice 23 lt in a pail, no water to add with exceptional quality and lowest price on the market
  • Cooler at 6.5% alcohol: strawberry, blackberry, peach, raspberry; ready to drink in 4 weeks for only $2,95 per bottle
  • Alfreds beer kit at 20% off
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What we do

Since 1994, we have been making wine, and beer, for all to enjoy. 

Our employees are knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping choose the right wine or beer for you. From wine to beer kits for home processing, to now fermenting on site, we have been here to make your taste buds water with delicious alcoholic beverages. 

Information about our products, procedures, and ideas can be found on this website. If you need more information, or just need advice, you can always visit our contact page to connect with us. Or visit the nearest store.